Welcome to the Amazing Catsfield Steamers’ website. We hope we’ve included everything you need to find us if you’re a new fan and to find out more about us, new fan or old.  Dive in !

As you may know, old timers Jane (caller) and Will (melodeon) took a bow early in 2014 and a well earned retirement.  Paul (guitar) and Jo (flute) moved on at the same time (info@glashin.co.uk) but the Steamers are still live and now well into another change of line-up.  When you remember that at the Band’s twentieth anniversary do, way back in 1996, there were over forty-five current and former band members in attendance, it’s not such an unusual event.  Indeed, the stability of the line-up over the ten years up to the start of 2014 had been the exception!

Steamers April2014

It’s not so unfamiliar.  You’ll see that there are still four of the previous crew, including three from the earliest days.  The sharper-eyed among you will recognise two more as having been with the Band for lengthy runs on previous occasions and we’ve even found space for some completely new faces.  We’ve managed to keep that familiar Steamers’ sound and danceability – but with a new twist or two.

As dancers you’ll be in the safe hands of Rachel Roberts, an experienced and friendly caller.

BOOKINGS – steamersband@aol.com and 01424 420380

The Catsfield Steamers have played British traditional music, for social dance … since the last century! They have played all over the country and abroad, for festivals, weddings and all manner of celebrations. The melody and harmonies are provided by accordeon, banjo, clarinet, fiddle, mandolin and melodeon, backed by driving rhythms from guitar, bass and drums.  Rachel, the band’s new permanent caller, has vast experience of guiding the dancers, whatever their level of experience, through the dances enjoyed so much by our forbears and people young and old today.
Make sure you bring suitable shoes for dancing – once you hear the music you will definitely not be able to remain seated!

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